City Code Changes

The city is in the process of implementing several updates to Boise City code that will streamline the process of obtaining a new child care license and reduce costs. These code updates will go into effect on April 1, 2019.

Below is a full list of code updates, as they relate to child care.

Changes to Boise City Code Child Care Code
Current Chapter 5, Thirty-Three (BCC 5-33) 

  1. Amends to remove volunteers from count in child: worker ratio
  2. Exempts volunteers from training requirements of a worker
  3. Adds duty of applicant/licensee to report disqualifying crimes, convictions and warrants within 2 days of self, employees, and family members in home daycares
  4. Amends time-period in which to apply for license renewal to match IDAPA
  5. Clarifies requirement for juvenile background checks
  6. Allows City to request proof that any “school” is meeting the State Board of Education school standards and thus exempt from licensing
  7. Prohibits “cooperative child care arrangements” exemption from licensing for individuals who occasionally get paid for watching kids
  8. Prohibits “family member/friend” exemption from licensing when that person operates as a daycare and child is occasionally paying client
  9. Requires that student-teachers working on school credits in daycare must be supervised at all times
  10. Adds provision that any daycare license may be denied, suspended or revoked for failing to notify City of any person subject to criminal background check under this chapter
  11. Amends to state that if State Code/Regulations changes the child: worker ratio to be more restrictive than the City, then that ratio point system shall control in City
  12. Amends to require Montessori to provide proof of current accreditation upon City’s request and failure to maintain accreditation shall result in automatic revocation of exemption from daycare licensing
  13. Amends to allow daycares to keep student records longer than 6 months in accordance with state and federal regulations
  14. Amends to require daycare to provide City with all records upon request
  15. Amends to impose regulations on non-employees who transport kids in daycare cars
  16. Amends to require fire safety equipment to be in “good” working order
  17. Provides exception to healthy initiatives physical activities requirement if kid is asleep, sick, or too disabled to participate
  18. Requires facilities to complete one-time healthy initiatives training prior to licensure
  19. Clarifies that all CPR/1st Aid classes must be in-person trainings
  20. Clarifies that all CPR/1st Aid classes must be current (not annual)
  21. Added clarification that outstanding warrant disqualifier for licensure includes out of state warrants
  22. Adds duty to daycare owner/manager to ensure there is a designated responsible person on duty during hours of operation
  23. Adds provision that any license application that includes materially false or misleading information regarding the applicant’s background check shall be unconditionally denied and may result in criminal charges/penalties
  24. Amends from the mandatory “shall” to permissive “may” term regarding all revocation and suspension provisions
  25. Amends to require that all allegation that is the basis for license revocation to be “substantiated”