• What are the Healthy Child Initiatives?
    The Healthy Child Initiatives are four measurable ways that the City is encouraging providers to address the health and overall wellbeing of our children. By valuing and modeling the behaviors addressed in the Initiatives, providers and parents also can expect an increased quality of life. Specifically, the four measurable categories are: Physical Activity, Screen Time, Nutritional Menus, and Infant Feeding Areas.
  • What are the goals of the Initiatives?
    To provide every opportunity for City’s youngest residents to be able to live healthy, vibrant lives, the Healthy Initiatives were created as a way to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits at an early age. The healthy habits lower the risk of issues such as Diabetes, heart disease, and depression. In addition, children who are healthy are better prepared to learn. The goals of the Healthy Initiatives are to set Boise’s children up for overall success.
  • Are the Healthy Child Initiatives mandatory or optional for providers?
    The Initiatives are optional for providers, and are not a requirement of licensing.
  • How are the Healthy Initiatives different from other childcare-focused organizations such as STARS?
    The Healthy Initiatives are specific measurable goals that are voluntary but are defined in Boise City Code. The Healthy Initiatives are not an organization. Childcare-focused organizations such as Idaho STARS offer excellent training in many areas related to childcare. Some of their classes may provide childcare staff with additional tools that help with Healthy Initiative compliance. 
  • Who is exempt from participation in the Healthy Initiatives?
    Some of the Healthy Initiatives have exemptions built into code. The reason for this is that certain other organizations hold the same or higher standards than the City of Boise attaches to the Healthy Initiatives. Therefore, centers who are accredited or are members of those organizations are already required to meet the Healthy Initiatives standards. Centers who are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), or who are accredited Montessori schools, as defined in Boise City Code 5-33-06 (D), are exempt from all of the Healthy Initiatives. Their ongoing certification through those other organizations meets all of the Healthy Initiatives.

    In addition, any center that is a member of/participating in the food program through Nutrition Works, the State Department of Education, or Under the Umbrella is exempt from providing nutrition logs. Those centers automatically get credit for nutrition due to the standards of the food program.




  • What devices and browsers support the Healthy Initiatives Training?
    The most optimal way to take the training is on a private Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled laptop or desktop. The most accommodating web browser is Google Chrome. Other browsers will work just fine, but the best functionality comes with Chrome. You can take the training on mobile devices using the “Google Chrome” web browser. If you do not have Google Chrome, you may have to install the “Articulate Player” App from the iOS web store or Android Market. The training does not work on Safari, Mozilla, or other mobile apps. 
  • I click a video but it won’t play?
    Refresh the slide (not the webpage). If you are on public internet, you may need to re-authenticate your session. Some businesses make a user re-accept their terms and conditions after a certain amount of time. Since this training takes about 4 hours to complete, you may need to do this a few times. Have another tab open in your browser and refresh a different webpage.
  • Why are the Audio and Visuals unaligned?
    This can be attributed to a slow internet connection. Try refreshing the slide in the training first. If that doesn't work, try re-authenticating your web session if you are using public Wi-Fi. You can also disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi and won’t lose progress. Try and take this training in an area that doesn't have many users all draining bandwidth from the internet.
  • What if I am using a public computer such as at a library or public facility?
    It is recommended that you dedicate enough time to finish the training in one sitting. You can easily pick up where you left off on private computers. The information is saved in browser history and cookies. If you have a unique log in on a shared computer, you should be able to access where you left off. If any data is wiped from the computer, you may need to start over.
  • I am hearing two different or double playbacks of audio?
    You got ahead of yourself! There are many different areas’ in this training that are interactive. If you click an interactive button prior to the parent audio ending, you can get double playback.