Healthy Initiatives Training

Welcome to the Boise Healthy Initiatives Training! The Healthy Initiatives ordinance was implemented in order to give child-care providers the resources and training to provide awareness and education on childhood obesity, nutrition and the behaviors that influence these trends. The City of Boise is on a mission to become the nation’s most livable city. Our City’s children deserve the opportunity to not only reside in the most livable City in the nation, but be healthy, active members here as well. The purpose of this training is to aid child-care providers in laying a foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle for our young people. If you are a new in-home provider, or new facility owner- City Code requires you to take this training. However, participation in the program is optional.

In order to get credit for this training you will need to complete all six training modules below.

  • Feel free to go at your own pace. If you need to quit in the middle of a module, you can save your progress and revisit it.
  • Please remember to complete each module, you will need the certificates of completion or email verification to receive full credit.
  • This training is allowed to count toward your training hours only once.
  • Please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s office with any questions or problems with the website/training at: 208-972-8150.


Welcome! This is where you’ll want to begin your training. This module is the first of six training videos in order for you to get credit for the Healthy Initiative training. During this module you’ll be introduced to the Healthy Initiatives, which was created to promote healthy habits in the early child care setting. You’ll learn the steps you need to complete to become a designated Healthy Initiatives provider.

 Ring Around.jpg

Physical Activity

This module covers the Physical Activity component of the Healthy Initiative program. The module describes what physical activity looks like in the early child care setting, why it’s important, and creative/fun ideas to get kids moving.


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Screen Time

This module describes the screen time component of the Healthy Initiative program. The module will teach you about the differences between educational and non-educational screen time. You’ll learn why it is important to limit screen usage, and how to keep track of the amount of time kids use screens in your facility.  

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During this module you will learn the nutrition components of the the Healthy Initiative program. You’ll learn the meal components for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Additionally, you’ll be taught new ideas to get kids excited about eating healthy. You'll also learn how to create and track a menu to get credit for participating. 

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Infant Feeding

In this training module you will learn the components of the Infant Feeding objective outlined in the Healthy Initiative program. This will cover the importance of breast milk, you’ll learn tools and ideas to support and facilitate infant feeding at your facility.



This is the final module in the Healthy Initiatives training. You will have to have completed all other modules before starting the conclusion. This is a review of the four components that make up the Healthy Initiatives program and how to be a recognized Healthy Initiatives provider. You will also receive credit for completing the Healthy Initiatives training.