Healthy Initiatives

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We believe that Boise’s children are among its most valuable assets. To make sure that the City’s youngest residents are able to live healthy, vibrant lives, the Healthy Initiatives were created as a way to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits at an early age.

To address the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and strengthen child care standards in the City of Boise, Council Member TJ Thomson worked with the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children and Central District Health Department to develop the Healthy Initiatives for children receiving care from licensed providers in Boise.

The Healthy Initiatives are comprised of the following components:

  • Physical Activity: Time every day for children to be active and play both inside and outside; (link to full page description of Physical Activity)
  • Screen Time: Limits on the amount of time each day children interact with screens. Including: TV, mobile devices, computers, video games, etc.; (link to full page description of Screen Time)
  • Nutrition: Meals and snacks served by child care providers; (link to full page description of Nutrition)
  • Infant Feeding: A private, designated location, other than a restroom for breastfeeding. (link to full page description of Infant Feeding

Healthy Child Care Initiatives Training

Annual training hours, which vary depending on experience and education, are required for all child care workers and facility owners. Included in these hours is a free, one-time, four hour Healthy Initiatives Training course for child care facility directors.* This training is a requirement of licensing and also counts toward the total number of annual training hours. The goal is to provide training that will help educate and provide the necessary tools for each facility to successfully implement Healthy Initiatives.

As space allows, this free training will also be available to child care workers and count toward their annual training hours.

*All child care facilities accredited from one of the following programs are exempt from the Healthy Initiatives training and inspection requirements: National Association for the Education of Young Children; National Association for Family Child Care; or Accredited Montessori Schools as defined in Boise City Code § 5-33-06(D).

City of Boise Healthy Child Care Facility Designation

The City of Boise proudly offers a Healthy Child Care Provider designation for licensed child care facilities that meet all applicable Healthy Initiatives. Child Care Providers that receive this designation will be identified on the website in the Find Child Care search.

Facilities will be rated on their compliance with each Healthy Child Initiative during their annual inspections. Facilities can also submit documentation of meeting each initiative to the Boise Clerk’s Office to obtain the Healthy Child Care Provider designation. Once a designation has been verified, it will be reflected on the website within 48 business hours.